Padrino pub

With the opening of the Padrino pub, we are adding to the Saturday scene of cafes and restaurants, a place of unique concept for Subotica that is recognizable all over the world.

The place is modeled after the world's most famous pubs.

We offer a diverse selection of local and foreign, bottled and bottled beers, with which you can enjoy the delicious flavors of our cuisine.

The menu includes stews, salads, meat specialties, sandwiches, pizzas, and for desserts, we have pancakes.

In all of this you can enjoy the relaxing ambience of the Padrino pub, which is designed to be suitable for both social and romantic dinners for two.

However, if you prefer to relax in the comfort of your home, we have provided free food delivery to your home address on the territory of Subotica.

Free food delivery in the center of downtown no matter the ordering price.

Free food delivery in the city area for the orders above 500,00 RSD.

Order through 065/8-150-555 or 024/555-150.

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padrino pub
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padrino pub
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padrino pub
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padrino pub

Photos by: Robert Rafai